PROMPT is an online research registry for people who have multiplex gene panels—a newer form of genetic testing that looks for mutations in several different genes at once. All genes on the panels have been linked to an increased risk of cancer, but some risks are better known than others.

Our objective is to follow people with mutations or variants in genes on these panels, so that patients, physicians, and researchers can more clearly understand these lesser-known risks.

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Using the PROMPT registry, you’ll provide critical information that helps promote scientific discoveries and deeper understanding of cancer susceptibility genes. By engaging in the PROMPT community, you’ll learn more about how mutations in these genes may affect your health and cancer risks.

PROMPT is hosted by PatientCrossroads, which uses sophisticated security features to ensure that physicians and researchers can get the data they need without breaching your confidentiality.

You’ll provide information about your personal and family health histories, and decide whether or not to share your name and address. If you choose to do so, you can receive updates from physicians and researchers regarding your genetic information. If you choose to keep your information private, you will remain anonymous but our staff will be unable to contact you.


PROMPT Study Webinar:  How should cancer risks from gene mutations be managed?  December 1, 2016:


PROMPT Study Webinar: